But wait there’s more!

I’m still uncovering some really interesting facts about a commonly used kitchen material…stainless steel. The past couple of days I have posted on the composition of the material and how to tell if it’s high quality. We have also talked about a lot of the qualities of this material, but with the good must be the bad. This material is a poor conductor of heat and doesn’t distribute heat evenly. Manufacturers have found a way to correct this problem which is to add an inner layer of a better heat conductor. Usually this material is copper or aluminum.

The cheaper versions of stainless steel don’t contain any middle layer which is why they burn food easily. The mid range cookware sets have a copper or aluminum core but only on the bottom of the skillet or pan. The high end products have the inner core half way or all the way up the sides making them the best at conducting heat and durability. So in order the get the most out of your cooking experience you really do get what you pay for. Even though it might hurt the wallet to spend hundreds of dollars on a high quality stainless steel cookware set you will only have to do it once, since most of your high end sets will have a quality guarantee.

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